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Three Sisters

My oldest sister’s name was Daisy. Thus I love the flower too. My sisters are older than I so I was lucky enough to have their unconditional protection all my life. We are only two sisters now and we are best friends. When I saw these daisies it reminded me of our sisterhood and how much they mean to me.


So much alike

yet individually unique

a union no one could ever break


intuitively connected

as if they had known each other

in another life long ago


always there for one another

no matter what the strife

Their roots deeply embedded

in tradition and  what’s right


Their love for one another

can only spark a fight

to defend each other fearlessly

from any harm imposed

when they disagreed

the youngest would always


“Ladies, this case is closed.”


Melba Christie

Three Sisters

Melba Christie (c) 2013








This poem is dedicated to my sister Daisy. Today would have been her 82nd Birthday. 

Daisy on my front porch

I am reminded

of you everyday

in so many different ways

especially at dawn

as the sun slowly sneaks up

on us to help us watch

daisies dance with buttercups

she was the sunshine

of the night

and made our lives

feel just right.

She was my confidant

and the keeper of my hopes

she never let me down

and taught me how to cope

with life’s imperfections.

Daisy was my sister dear

when around her

I never feared.

I could tell you so much more

of the things that made her special

but as you know

of daisies sweet

the bees converge upon their feet.

My sister Daisy

spread her love

and made you believe

that angels looked down on only you

from the heavens  above.

I am reminded of her everyday

in so many different ways

and when I see a garden near

I look for daisies among the rest

because of all the flowers on the earth

daisies are the very best.


*My dear sister Daisy passed away 14 years ago on the day after Christmas which was her favorite holiday. Although there are so many things that make me happy on this day, I cannot forget her spirit and deep love for her family. For me Christmas is really not the same anymore.


many memories of you visited me today

and in a dream I asked you to stay


Christmas was your favorite time of year

and your made sure to spread the cheer


on your watch no one was allowed to go without

love and giving to others was what you were about


and like the flower you were named after

you made our days all the brighter


Every time I see a Daisy

I see you smiling in my mind


there will be many daisies

but you my dear sister were only one of a kind.


Daisy on my front porch





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When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.  ~Chinese Proverb

Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?
                                                        – Maurice Maeterlinck