Geometry as Poetry

“Poetry is as precise a thing as Geometry.”                                  -Gustave Flaubert Geometry is necessary when you create art. The other necessity is creativeness and the willingness to make mistakes, ready to admit, you never knew or understood geometry that well in the first place. But everything we see is geometry, and poetry is life. Right?                                                       Melba Christie 2015 Continue reading Geometry as Poetry

Look Inside Their Hearts

I watched in awe sitting in the first row of a small cafetorium as forty children performed their very much rehearsed musical show. Each child so unique and special watched in anticipation for the signals of their beloved music teacher. The tamborine players started the jamboree The maraca players joined in at the count of three Then the drummers followed faithfully. The teacher’s face glowed … Continue reading Look Inside Their Hearts

My Brain Went Bungee Jumping

My brain went bungee jumping the other day It bounced me up and down until it finally allowed one of my deep thoughts to rise along with it the thought penetrated a cloud and it rained love all over. Imagine that! All this because my brain went bungee jumping.     Related articles VIDEO: Bungee jumping off a French viaduct ( Bungee Jumping – Orlando … Continue reading My Brain Went Bungee Jumping


Hidden in her tiny mind a masterpiece is waiting A crowd yells, “encore!”     Related articles Good news for our G/T programs ( Raising Gifting Children Has Positives And Negatives ( Giftedness, Creativity, and Storytelling – and Imposter Syndrome ( The International Week of the Gifted 2012 (   Continue reading Masterpiece

Youth is sometimes wasted on the young

Youth is sometimes wasted on the young; they do not realize that too soon youth fades with the sunset.  Mae West once said, “You are never too old to  become younger.” Feeling youthful may be a state of mind. Some people never grow old; their attitude is that of Ms.West exactly. I guess one can argue that it depends on how one feels physically as well. We … Continue reading Youth is sometimes wasted on the young