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The Countdown Continues – Will Someone Explain Why?

I need someone to explain

what is going on in the hearts and minds

of some people.

Do we no longer believe in the Golden Rule?

Explain it to me as if I were a five year old.

Why are people gathering in closed spaces without wearing a mask?

Do people simply not even love themselves?

Why are we still so cruel to each other after all we have been through these last six months?

Why are so many in denial about this pandemic?

Why are we forgetting that this virus kills and leaves many side affects?

Why do some people think they are above the law?

Why are some people still in denial of climate change?

Do we really not believe in science?

Are we not seeing the results of the fires and storms?

Why are we not understanding

that your rights end where mine begin especially when it is about health?

Why are we not worried about the interference of others in our elections?

Why are some people set on downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19?

The countdown continues. 

So much is at risk.

Do know that empires die too?

The bigger they are the harder they fall?

Why are we willing to destroy our democracy?

I want answers to all my questions. 

I am so tired of the divisiveness, hatred, violence, stupidity, partisan attitudes, conspiracy theories, and the 

LIES, LIES and more LIES.

Do you need answers too?


91 days and counting!

COVID-19 seems to be spreading at record numbers throughout the United States. The number of deaths may rise by the end of the summer by almost nineteen thousand. This number however can be reversed if according to the leading experts we continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Most worrisome right now is the opening of schools. Many districts have established protocols for opening schools. Some have hydrid schedules such as alternating days for face to face and on-line learning. Basically and ultimately parents will have the last word as to how they prefer to continue their children’s education. The debate continues and it is so confusing at times what and who to believe.

As a former educator, I am torn. I believe some children are actually safer at school when we consider possible child abuse cases that sometimes go unreported if not for the intervention of a teacher or school administrator. However, I also dread the fact that many children do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms yet they can spread the disease to others including older and more vulnerable adults like grandparents and even their teachers.

I love technology and all its wonderful advantages but I do not believe that on-line learning can be a long-term especially with younger children. We must not forget the different domains of instruction. These domains were established for educators to follow and to provide guidelines for effective and long-term instruction. We must not forget the affective domain. “The affective domain describes the way people react emotionally and their ability to feel another living thing’s pain or joy. Affective objectives typically target the awareness and growth in attitudes, emotion, and feelings” (wiki aricle: Taxonomy of Instructional Objectives).

Another difficult situation is that many lower income children and their families may not have access to the Internet or the devices necessary for on-line learning. We must not forget that some households have different school age children. Another situation that complicates the scene is that parents may be working from home as well. So, how strong is the WiFi signal or the speed in which you can upload and download homework and assignments? No matter what a parent decides in the long run, there may be some regrets unfortunately.

We must remain alert and research what local authorities are doing to make schools safe now. Also, as we move into the flu season, we must learn to differentiate and also prepare our family for possible outbreaks. It is important to act quickly as soon as you suspect a child is sick.

We must also think about the coming years. Many of our school buildings are older, many are dilapidated and should be demolished. The technological infrastructure is not supportive either in many school buildings. I have always advocated for rebuilding, redesigning and creating healthier and safer schools. We need to protect our children from possible violence, cyber-bullying, in addition to now keeping schools cleaner and germ free. I know I am probably making you nervous by now but this is what we need to remediate. The only way to do this is to study and research what future senatorial and congressional candidates are proposing. What are their track records when it comes to education? What policies are they responsible for making? Do they vote for the equitable funding of all schools in all neighborhoods. School board leaders are usually elected. Find out who is running and what their platform is and how it may effect your family. School superintendents are usually appointed by mayors or other officials. Be careful of the ones who are very political and only look to further their careers. Find out who they are and make sure your community and your concerns are addressed. Go to meetings and vote.

This Pandemic has raised many questions about how we do business in our cities and towns. It has raised an awareness about what our politicians are doing to help us through this crisis and more importantly what they are not willing to do. Are they partisan or are they will to compromise and take action?

Parents need to be informed. Working parents need to get the help and assistance they need. We are all in this together. It takes a village, a township, a city, a state, and of course the federal government to take the necessary steps to keep all families safe and healthy.

97 Days – A Commitment

My heart sunk

when my grand daughter only five

told me she wanted the “sickness” to stop

She misses being in school;

She misses visiting with her adorable cousins;

And of course she misses her grand parents.

I hope she never asks when it will go away.

I think she knows somehow that it will not disaappear;

or that the “sickness” can be cured with chlorine.

I hope her childhood is not destroyed;

If she happens to see the violence on TV

and troops being deployed.

I pray for all our children.

They are all of our children you know.

They depend on all of us to make the right choices,

Starting with the leaders at the top.

Everyone in this universe must connect.

We are all a part of each other

even those who refuse to acknowledge

that we are all truly brothers

and sisters on this planet.

And for those of us here

in the greatest country of the world

we must make sure

the “sickness” is destroyed.


Love yourself and thy neighbor.

How many more?

Today I learned about two deaths in the family. One, was taken by the virus we are all fearing these day and the other passed in an accident.

She was full of the kind of ganas that few people have for life and living. I do not think I ever saw her without a wide and beautiful contagious smile. She survived cancer twice and those scares gave her the courageous to take on this deadly virus called COVID 19. She fought it as long as she could and passed away all alone. This is the first close up and personal case I have heard of among friends and family members.

I been thinking a lot about the AFTERLIFE and what is is that happens when we leave this dimension. I have been thinking of the family members who have passed on, some for decades now. I think about these things not to be morbid or obsessive but because I suppose numbers matter and as of yesterday 138.000 souls are somewhere on another plane. Some not able to say goodbye to their loved ones.

So I did what I always do I write to alleviate the pain and to help me cope with the reality we are all facing this year. We will all know someone who knew someone with COVID and who lost the fight. It is worse when the person is someone in the family.

The other family member was younger, full of dreams. A former military man returning from a final tour. He had just relocated and was looking forward to a new job. His mother visited him this week to help him get organized and all moved into his new house. He went out to get take out and five minutes later he was killed instantly in a vehicle accident. A drunk driver impacted his motorcycle.

Two people died two days apart. One never imagined what destiny had planned. The other although on a ventilator hoped she would make it. But once again hope and praying just did not seem to be enough.

Here is my poem to help family deal with these horrible events. if you have been coping with a similar situation please share your thoughts. I always love to get your feedback. Please stay safe.

How Many More?

A rhetorical question, maybe.

Sadness stared me right in the face last night.

I could feel the heartache and pain from far away.

Grief and sorrow walked down two different paths;

Each taking a loved one to a place where forever is a stay.

Sorrow never stands alone.

Woe wails loud and clear,

when sadness comes with the loss of someone dear.

Grief pierces our hearts and I wonder if it even cares.

We can only hope that death is not proud of what it does.

How many more?

Only God knows.

In the meantime, let us remember them all

and pray that their memories are blessings.

Message from a Sad and Mad Grandma


I am sad.

I am so sad.

I am so very sad.

I am mad.

I am so mad.

I am so very mad.

Does anyone understand the harm we are doing to our children?

Their eyes are watching.

Their fears are growing.

They hear there is a Pandemic.

They hear Covid 19.

They cannot attend school.

Now they hear that a police officer,

(Someone we told and taught them they could trust.

killed an African American man,

Just because …

But no one can explain why because no one really knows why.

I know we are hurting at so many levels.

I know the hurt and disillusion has been there for hundreds of years.

I know about the despair and the fears.

We have the right to speak up.

We have the right to make changes.

We have the right to even hate what is going on.

But hate begets hate.

We were all taught in kindergarten The Golden Rule.

We were taught to share and respect each other.

We were told that America is our Land.

We have the right to pursue our dreams and happiness.

They told us we are equal!

My God! What happened?

What Happened?

I am sad.

I am so sad.

I am so very, very sad.

I am mad.

I am so mad.

I am so very, very mad.

But then I think about the four children,

I was blessed to call my grandchildren.

And I think about all children,

Yes your children,

no matter their race,

no matter their religious creed.

And I cannot bear the thought that they too will be sad, and will be mad.

The grown-ups in this world have to wake up.

We need to show them

we can get through this together.

Stop the violence.

Stop the senseless killing.

Stop! Just stop!

I beg you.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay