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Calling All Angels

I am calling on all angels to serve as guardians to all those in the path of  Hurricane Irma.  I pray for all those still suffering from the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  I hope you will join me in sending positive vibes  and  helping in any way you can. God bless America!



We need more compassion!

Feeling for another

is not difficult;

if you know what it feels like

when someone has

co-sufffered with you.


We need more compassion!

Squeeze it out

from you heart and soul;

don’t worry,

you won’t run out.

More will be stored for you.

The process is innate;



in order to live life

fulfilled with purpose.


We all need more compassion!

Believe it or not,

having it and giving it

even has effects on the prefrontal cortex.

It’s scientific you see,

bringing about glee.

According to the dictionary

(open delight or pleasure; exultant joy; exultation)

is something we are ALL capable of.


We need more compassion!

Every faith knows it;

it is in our DNA ;

all we have to do is show it.


We need more compassion!

Become a stakeholder;

an investor, and or

a proprietor.


Compassion’s payoff:

multiple assets,

great dividends,

All add up to PEACE.

We all know we need that too.


Getting the Most from Yourself

Cherry Blossoms

If you know yourself well

then you need not read any further

You probably know

how to get the most from yourself.

No one should be allowed to get more than you do

Getting the most from yourself

requires for you

to have frequent conversations with yourself

Really learn about what you want

make sure your inner compass is fine tuned

so that you are going in the right direction

at least most of the time

but do not be afraid to ask for directions

Replenish your stamina

know your limits

don’t disappoint yourself

don’t be your worst enemy

Be still and in the present

remember the saying,

“tomorrow’s another day”

Make it your mantra

Dance the dance

Sing the song

Relish the moments that count

Love, Love, Love



sending yourself a note

about the things

you actually accomplished TODAY!

Live your life without regrets

you may make mistakes

along the way

but be the camera in your life

do a retake and crop out what

you do not need in your life

Keep yourself healthy

Heal yourself everyday

by getting rid of the thoughts

that make you someone else.

Do not be anyone

you do not want to be

you have the power

to attract the best

Practice makes perfect

only you can get the most

and the best from yourself

Gentle Intelligence

Some would call her a little slow;

others never labeled her but

just accepted her “as is”.

Today I discover we are all wrong.

I found that in her heart lives a song

to be played and registered as an opus

announcing an intelligence

unknown to us

the ones who know it all.

Her insight blinded

by our failure to see the truth

hidden in her gentle soul.

From her I learn

humility and the meaning

of unconditional love

and compassion.

A lesson I will never forget.