Did you hear? Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

I am at the lottery office cashing in on my ticket; I am a billionaire. It must be a practical joke but the check looks real and best of all I have no taxes to pay. I have told no one yet. I want to surprise people like the guy on that old 60’s show: The Millionaire.The first thing I will do is hire a … Continue reading Did you hear? Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

Lovely Blogger Award Nomination (continued)

Seven things about me: 1. Never expect to win any type of award. 2. My bucket list needs to narrowed down. 3. I compose songs in the shower. 4. Love to listen to Gospel music. 5. I would love to live for one year in each of the following countries: France, Italy and China. 6. I collect all kinds of notebooks and journals. 7. I … Continue reading Lovely Blogger Award Nomination (continued)