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Clocks and Time

An illustration from the book "The Cuckoo...

An illustration from the book “The Cuckoo Clock” by Mrs. Molesworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Even the most expensive clock still shows sixty minutes in every hour.” Time makes me nervous lately. It makes me pay more attention to the clocks around me. I hate that. It must be I am getting older and that time has finally caught up with me. It may also be that I appreciate now more than ever the time I have to do the things I love to do and especially the precious moments employed in speaking to my grandson, children and others who are now so far away from the coup.

We have a cuckoo clock that would make me a little crazy when it wanted to inform me of the time. I found it annoying but now it seems to soothe me in a way. It reminds me that time is timeless and that it is so precious.

I never wear a watch because I was never worried about time. But now I am in the market for getting a good watch. But then I read somewhere the quote I copied at the beginning of my entry today. But is it really worth it for me to buy an expensive watch now. By the way, it is 4:34 AM. My eyes were wide open at 3:52 AM. This thought of time and clocks entered my brain and so I could not sleep another minute.

This morning, I looked at all the clocks around the house and of course none were in sync with each other. I always set the clock about ten minutes ahead in the bedroom, the rest simply fall back a few minutes and some I do not even bother changing when it is time to spring forward or fall back an hour. But I must have this internal clock because I seem to have a sixth sense about time. I verify if my time predictions are correct and they always are. So I think I will not get me the watch after all. I am my own timekeeper and I am at my best when I live in the present and do not worry about time at all.

To the true seekers of light

 True seeker of the Light

no matter whether it’s night

or day

the path is clear

and here to stay

and in your foresight

to really see

and to Be

you and me

all of us within

the Creator

of all that is Good.

The path is paved

with stardust

and seeds of

new generations.

Take this Path

for it is Right

That leads to the only One

that is the Light,

the Truth.