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Who Split the Moon in Half?

an iron spirit

splits like an ancient

moon and yet

a miracle is declared

by believers

who know the whole

is what we are and

should be


we fall in love

in its bright beams

we softly sigh

when it appears

majestically behind the highest mountain

Who split the moon once?

Does anyone really know?

In the meantime

my delight

is its fullness

shining on the river tonight

when I need company



so desperately.

Look out Viewers

Look out Viewers



DSC_1868                       Photos by Melba Christie – All Rights Reserved

Blue Moon

Blue moon

embedded in the sky

full of glory

surrounded by azure

and pink fluffy clouds

One cannot help but to stare

And somewhere

Someone prays;

a child watches in awe

hoping it is made of cheese.

a mother cradles her baby.

and lovers

fall in love all over again.

What is a blue moon?

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Slideshow Photos by Melba Christie 2012 – All rights Reserved