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Mindfulness to Me

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Creative Mindfulness

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On the Ukrainian Poets Who Lived and Died Under Soviet Suppression — Literary Hub

Numbers. At the beginning of the 1930s, there were 259 writers being actively published in the Soviet Union. At the end of the 1930s—36. How had 80 percent of writers disappeared? Seventeen were shot, eight committed suicide, seven died of natural causes, and 175 had been arrested and put into camps. Sixteen were missing. These…

On the Ukrainian Poets Who Lived and Died Under Soviet Suppression — Literary Hub

“I second that emotion…”

I am introducing Creative Mindfulness. I invite you to be interactive mindful readers.

Creative Mindfulness

I Second That Emotion” is a 1967 song written bySmokey RobinsonandAl Cleveland. It is basically a love song. So my apologies to the songwriters for using the title in this post.

The thought that came to my mind for the purpose of writing this post is that an emotion is unique to the individual and is manifested in the moment. Can anyone really claim to “second any emotion”? Emotions have some common ground; true. Everyone has feelings but those feelings can be so unique and individualized that sometimes it is difficult to understand what others are truly going through and are feeling.

We hope to be mindful of others and be present for a person who is grieving or experiencing a traumatizing event in their lives. But, how do we do this to truly “second the emotion”?

I would love to know what your…

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Prayers and Mindfulness

Creative Mindfulness

For the past few years trying to practice mindfulness and praying for miracle healing have been my priorities. I lost my son last October and it has been a devastating journey for me and the entire family. However, I made up my mind just yesterday that something positive must be derived from this very sad journey. He was my only son and nothing will ever replace him. I have two grandsons who are and will be his legacy; but even though it might sound weird for a grandmother to say, they will not replace my son. I love them dearly and see a lot of my son in them but they are not him.

I have decided to dedicate the rest of my time on this earth to creating a new mindset, a new life’s purpose, and making my son’s memory noteworthy.

For months, I prayed and asked God for…

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For you my son

For you my dear son.

For three months now to the day,

since October the eighth,

I feel I live in a daze.

Here I am sitting besides my favorite photos of you;

one of you when you gave Dai away on her wedding day,

and one when you were just two.

I am still trying to accept the decision God made.

I drive myself crazy for a hint or a clue;

WHY God decided to take you so soon?

Why did He not give me those precious last moments

to be there with you,

to hold and to comfort and to bid you farewell.

But what God decides no one can foretell.

I was blessed to have seen you last night in a dream;

But as they say a dream is only a dream.

My heart is so broken;

I don’t think it will ever heal.

I know you may not want me to be so sad all the time;

but I cant help what I feel.

I hope that what everyone tells me is true,

that we will all be together again some day.

For right now, I want it to be soon.

All I want is to see you again

to hug you and kiss your beautiful face.

In the meantime,

I pray you are happy my dear

darling son and full of God’s grace.

Thanks again for all those who try to console me and have sent me notes of sympathy. We are eternally grateful!

Where Is The Soul?

Where is the soul?

Young girl asks her grandfather, “Where is my soul?”

He responds, “It’s right here on your eyebrow.

It arches when it is curious or surprised.

If someone looks closely; they will see it through your eyes.”

Young Girl: “You are kidding me right?”

Grandfather: “No, the soul is very visible

To those who want to see it.

It flexes its muscle and exercises every day,

It needs to be ready for eternity.

But in the meantime,

It does not really matter

Where it is

What matters is that

We know how to use it

Plato said it was “the essence of our being”

Young girl: “Grandpa, can you see mine?

Will Johnny see it too?”

Grandpa smiles, “Absolutely!”

The Christmas Spirit

It is difficult to get into the holiday spirit when the loss of a love one hurts so much. But I decided to try harder for the sake of my grandchildren and others in the family. A few years ago I recorded The Night Before Christmas for my students and two of my grandchildren at the time. Now there are four grandchildren and in-laws who now have young children. So this is dedicated to them.

I want to take this opportunity to wish my followers and readers on WordPress, Instagram and and other platforms best wishes during the holidays and a very healthy and prosperous New Year! 2021 was tough for many of us with the pandemic and other problems as a result of the COVID crisis. So I pray that 2022 brings all of us good health, peace of mind and many blessings. Thanks for your continued support.

“Monahan wrote “Drops of Jupiter” soon after his mom had passed away following a battle with cancer. In the song, he imagines that after dying his mom’s spirit could go anywhere, and so a person would be likely to go explore the universe. … Thus, his mother returned to visit him with “drops of Jupiter” in her hair.”

I recently found out that “Drops Of Jupiter” was one of my late son’s favorite songs. I had heard before even when he lived with us. I know he listened to it. But I never paid attention to the lyrics. Well I have listened to it many times in the last few days. His friend told me that my son thought the lyrics were beautiful, poetry. You would think I would have listened closer back then. So I want to share the video with the lyrics.

Two Months Later

It has now been two months since the passing of my son. It is getting a little bit easier to tolerate the hurt but still hard to accept the reality of his passing. David Walden on Instagram writes very soothing posts. He reads poetry and talks about life in general. His poignant style of speaking helps me a lot. He is the son of a friend of my daughter and when he found out about our loss he posted a message that warmed my heart.

It is with enormous pleasure that I introduce to you his musical album which can be found on all the streaming media sources. Please check it out. I promise you will enjoy every minute.

I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. He doesn’t realize how much his words have touched my very soul.

Searching for Peace

It has been now 28 days since my son’s passing. I find myself searching for peace of mind. Mourning is very complicated especially when you are mourning the death of a son. I know deep in my heart that he has finally found peace and that comforts me. I know he is no longer in physical pain.

I have often said that Poetry is life; Life is Poetry. I find myself digging up poems I had written about and to my children. I spend hours looking through old photographs that can be translated into poems. I search for peace within the collections of poetry that gave me comfort and peace of mind; poetry that inspired me to write my own poems.

I came across some poetry and thoughts by Khalil Gibran – Lebanese Poet and Philosopher. Please listen to A Tear and a Smile. I hope this brings peace to those of you who may need peace of mind right now.

My Great Loss

I have not posted any new poems lately. We were away with our son who became very ill. He is now in the heaven he believed in so much. We miss him so much. The poem below is dedicated to him. It is the first full poem that I have been able to sit and write since he passed away. I often wrote poems for my children but never read the poems to them. I do not know why. But I hope that he hears me reading this one. I want all of you to know not to make that mistake; I mean to wait to say anything loving and meaningful to your loved one especially your children. Thanks for your continued support.

I return to writing my poems with deep sadness in my heart

I never dreamed we’d be this very far apart;

Unable to see you anymore

and hold you close like I did before.

As destiny would have it

we lived a distance from each other;

but not as far away as now.

I would have liked for you to live closer

but life took you elsewhere to fulfill your dreams.

and to find your life’s purpose.

Losing one of my children was always one of my greatest fears

a parent should be the one to go firstt

and children should be left with the tears.

Distance made it hard for us to share

so many things with you right in the moment.

So I would whisper my Blessings and

silently pray for God to keep you well.

but only time would really tell.

what destiny had in mind.

So I’d send you virtual hugs by the dozen

and millions of kisses as well

Cause just one kiss at a time

would never be enough.

To show you just how much

You were missed and loved.

Now your dad and I must wait until

Our dying day

To see you again in heaven.

In the meantime,

I hope you can feel when hugs and kisses come your way.

even though you are no longer here and so very far away.

I wish our Prayers for your survival had been answered;

As we believed so deeply in our pleas

to the Greatest Force there is;

but, as you always would say to me;

Mom, “It is what it is.”

Well, that does not bring me much comfort now, dear son;

perhaps it Never will.

All I ask is that when I too cease to be,

and lay absolutely silent and still

That you come and take my hand,

to help me enter Eternity.

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