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My Tree – Mi Arbol

Some of my poems will be read by me on Spotify. This poem is in English and Spanish. I have started translating my poems from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Please leave a comment or rate the podcast. I will truly appreciate it greatly.

Just Smile

Today I had so many things to smile about; I wish you find something to smile about and that it lasts all day.

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

Sometimes you just need to smile

even when the pain is deep

and measures more than a mile

Refer yourself to happiness

no matter how big the mess

for sometimes the plan is done

and there is

not much you can do

with the what or the who

So smile

even if it is just for a little while.

Just smile.

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Remembering is Bitter Sweet Today

Today we commemorate the victims of 911. 21 years have passed since that dreadful day. I was watching the ceremony that is aired today and I was touched to see the children of some of the victims reading the names aloud. They are all adults now. Some parents themselves. Some speaking of their grandparents as being some of the first police officers and firefighters to respond to the tragedy that horrible day.

Today is a bitter sweet day; September 11th this year is also Grandparent’s Day. Some of us will remember our grandparents now long gone and for others still blessed to have a grandparent, it is a day to call or simply send hugs and kisses to them.

As a grandparent, I looked at pictures of my grandsons and granddaughters. First the baby pictures then the pictures sent to me through a text message or an email. I have pictures of them all around the house to remind me how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

Today I want to share the podcast I dedicated to my grandmother. She was the only grandparent I ever knew. The others had passed before I was even born. I knew of them and cherished their memory because my mother and father made sure I know who they were. They were hardworking and each had a special talent.

Happy Grandparent’s Day to all grandparents out there. I hope you enjoy listening to my poem. Please send me a comment and do not forget to answer the poll I posted.

To all those who lost love ones on 911, I know the pain is huge. Especially to the mothers among you, I know now how immense the loss of an adult child can be. God bless you all. God bless all those who helped to try and rescue people that day. God bless all those who remain united and conserve our democracy. To my beautiful niece who survived and still remembers that traumatic experience, I love you very much. May God bless America.

Grandparents are Special.
Rest in Peace. Never Forget!

Sam’s Deli: A Remembrance

On this rainy day I was sipping on some soup and wished for one of Sam’s great sandwiches. Amazing how things come to visit your mind. I still remember Sam so vividly; and I still believe that gun violence needs to be eliminated.

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

“Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one’s whole being into the being of another.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr., 1957

Sam’s Deli

the minute you walked in

the aroma of fresh baked Italian bread

linked you to Tuscany

and the faint scent of salami and


mesmerized your senses.

Sam greeted everyone

with a magnificent smile

and by the count of five

he was spreading mayo

on the long skinny roll

just the way you liked it.

he layered the cold cuts


his technique never failed

to produce the best sandwich

Everyone loved Sam

and of course his sandwiches.

One day, after school

Joe, his brother walked into the deli

just like he had done everyday for many years.

This time he found Sam dead

laying behind the meat slicer counter.

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Life is Too Short

Sometimes I think I may survive today,

and then worry about tomorrow

some other day.

But life is too short

to live life worrying about survival.

Life is too short to live it fully;

and it is too short to die young

even when you all your dreams come true.

Every day is a new day;

today is no different.

Sometimes I think I may survive today;

so I will just worry about tomorrow

some other day.

Life’s Cycles

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

green circles

Life is about cycles. There is a time for everything. I try to represent this in the painting. The highlights are the moments that count, some unpredictable, some planned. I love the surprises; I welcome the challenges when life decides to spin me around. Happy cycling. We are given only a certain amount of cycles. Make them count.

Melba Christie

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New Podcast

I have been recording some of my poems for my podcast on Spotify. Please tune in and leave a comment. I will truly appreciate your support. I am lining up a few interviews with colleagues and friends. Topics will be about many of the issues that resonate with all of us these days.

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