Poetry is life! Life is poetry!  This is the only way I know how to describe this wonderful genre. I feel free when I write a poem. I feel connected to other people’s feelings when I read poetry. I started writing poems when I was in the fifth grade. My teacher would always read our writing assignments very carefully and she’d give us constructive feedback.

One day she asked us to write a Haiku poem. The form fascinated me. I wrote a few poems and handed them all in even though she had only asked for one. The teacher returned my poems on the next day with a note attached. I will never forget how empowered I felt when I read her comments. She said, “You have a knack for writing poems.” That inspired me to keep writing.

Poemattic has provided a valuable venue for me to share my poems, family stories, photographs and original art. I want to thank all of my faithful followers thus far for your continued support and inspiration. Continue to give me your opinion and insights. To all just remember that: Poetry is life. Poetry is a big part of my life!

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Melba Christie

A Kind of Self Portrait at a Younger Age

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  1. Hi Melba sorry it has taken me so long to visit you, we have had Computer problems, I also can’t leave a Like because they have blocked me from doing so by putting a J.S error on your Blog but thank you for visiting me us we really appreciated you doing so.

    Your Poetry is beautiful, I also Love to write poetry but like sharing Scripture can only do so when lead by the Spirit as I’m Dyslectic.

    It was so good that you had a Teacher that encouraged you, how blessed we are when this happens, I will look forward to you sharing again.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


  2. I love this intro and am moved by the note your teacher gave you. I was lucky enough to have some very special teachers as a child and I too owe some of who I am and some of the paths I have taken to their influence. Oh, and I too LOOOVE, live for, poetry:-)


    1. Thanks for your comment. Teachers these days are not given the credit they deserve for helping to shape the minds of young people so that they are productive citizens.


  3. I was wondering if I could ask you a question that has been on my mind for awhile now generally – if you don’t mind…what is poetry? I mean, what does a writing have to entail in order to be considered poetry? What is the difference between mere prose versus poetic prose, etc. etc. I just wondered what your thoughts might be. If you have a moment…I’d love to hear them :0)


    1. Poetry is life and poetry is life. So when your heart speaks to you, a poem may be born to you. You can probably produce prose from the same source but there is a certain intimacy when you write poetry. One must conjure up many elements when writing poetry. A poet relies on the senses; and poetry lovers rely on the poet to make them see, hear, touch, smell, and taste what life has to offer. I could go on and on about this and be more academic if you will. But the important thing is to read poetry and let it take you wherever it can. It is really up to you. Thanks for your question.


  4. I know that feeling you speak of, and the joyous affirmation when my teacher said I was holding talent like a candle in my hand.


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