For you my son

For you my dear son

For three months to the day

Since October the eighth

I feel I live in a daze

Here I am sitting besides my favorite photos of you

One of you when you gave Dai away on her wedding day

and one when you were just two.

I am still trying to accept the decision God made.

I drive myself crazy for a hint or a clue

of why God decided to take you so soon

and why He did not give me the precious last moments

to be there with you To hold and to comfort

and to bid you farewell

but what God decides no one can foretell

I was blessed to have seen you in a dream;

But as they say a dream is only a dream.

My heart is so broken;

I don’t think it will ever heal.

I know you may not want me to be so sad all the time’

But i cant help what I feel

I hope that what everyone tells me is true

That we will all be together again some day

For right now I want it to be soon

All I want is to see you again

and hug you and kiss your beautiful face

in the meantime,

I pray you are happy my dear,

darling son and full of God’s grace.

Thanks again for all those who try to console me and have sent me notes of sympathy. We are eternally grateful!

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