Purple Universe

My granddaughter loves the color pink

she says purple in such a cute way

for an almost three year old

she knows her colors very well

and enjoys sitting with me

to paint

circles and swirls

which she describes

as suns and the world.

What innocence and love

absolutely a gift from above.


I want a purple universe for her

and I hope she (every once in a while)

bumps into some pink too.


When I think of today’s world

the cruelty and violence

bigotry and indifference

bullying and hateful behaviors.

I fear for the future of our children


I hope the universe is purple one day

with a little bit of pink.

and full of mindful love.



Thinking about how so many people do not get how we are all affected and connected when bad and good things happen.

Melba Christie at Poemattic


when I think of oneness

my mind conjures up

all sorts of images and words to describe  it


only one,

not two,

only you,



just me,

just you,

one spirit,

the universe,

the whole,

but also a  part of the whole,

all of us somehow connected.


one being,

or even not being,

only one life,

only one death.

all things derived from one

1  x 1 equals one

all that is equivalent to one

my spirit

my soul,

my heart,

a single seed,

are all a part of my oneness.


we must all be

a part of the oneness.

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Weekly Challenge – One

Melba Christie at Poemattic

Weekly Challenge - One

There is something striking about the last leaf or last berry on a tree.
It screams out loneliness
It represents survival
This berry is just hanging in
giving color to the branch.
it’s distinctive tenacity is evident
how I wish I had
that kind of cling to power

Melba Christie
(c) 2013

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Just Smile

Sometimes you just need to smile

even when the pain is deep

and measures more than a mile

Refer yourself to happiness

no matter how big the mess

for sometimes the plan is done

and there is

not much you can do

with the what or the who

So smile

even if it is just for a little while.

Just smile.