“Let’s Do It”

  Reinventing yourself? Are you the curious observer? Are you the deep thinker? Release those thoughts! Instead be still and take in the view Breathe deeply Cultivate Calm transcend the ordinary Love self. Love others selflessly Love, Love, Love all of nature knows the rules all of nature knows how to do it “let’s do it” Let’s love each other Like Cole Porter wrote, “Even … Continue reading “Let’s Do It”


  Today at noon London time Big Ben bongs to announce its retirement for a while after all is said and done the historic clock will be back in style.   Today at 2:44 PM New York time where everyone no matter where you are from is in a New York State of mind will gather to commune with the sun and moon witnessing a … Continue reading 8-21-2017


We need more compassion! Feeling for another is not difficult; if you know what it feels like when someone has co-sufffered with you.   We need more compassion! Squeeze it out from you heart and soul; don’t worry, you won’t run out. More will be stored for you. The process is innate; fundamental, essential, in order to live life fulfilled with purpose.   We all … Continue reading Compassion

The Horror of it All

Small pieces of humanity do not fit into the divine puzzle planned by the universe and great source.   Somehow these frazzled shapes lost their essence, and their hearts capable of feeling love.   Somewhere their souls drifted and cannot connect with the idea that we are all a part of the HUMAN race.   Race defined ambiguously an assumption perhaps What makes us different? … Continue reading The Horror of it All