The Simplicity of Pink

Pink means many things It is quintessentially the color of serenity womanhood and unfortunately the color creating awareness for that horrible disease I rather not pronounce today. It is the Rock Star; the sexy secrets, only Victoria knows for sure. It is the color of a Rose and other delicate flowers like the ones in Frida’s garden. Pink is the color of my granddaughter’s cheeks … Continue reading The Simplicity of Pink

Josephina sees herself in the mirror

Josephina sees herself in the mirror for the very first time her baby blues open wide in awe of the image she does not know yet belongs to her for she is only seven months old Josephina examines the face carefully moves in closer looks straight into her own eyes Wrinkles her tiny nose giggles joyfully in approval of the beautiful little girl probably thinking … Continue reading Josephina sees herself in the mirror

Nature Knows Geometry Well – Photography Challenge

Lately I pay more attention to my surroundings and all things in nature. I walk around the parks looking for natural textures and colors. It is amazing how different the roots of trees can be. I photograph all parts of the tree and there is a definite geometry to appreciate. I would love to see the geometry in the photos you might have taken. Participate … Continue reading Nature Knows Geometry Well – Photography Challenge

Nature Wins

One of our trees became branch-less after hurricane Sandy. the tree survived and this year a small branch gave birth to leaves. It seemed to me the tree was very proud. The leaves are now slowly turning. Once again the tree seems so proud. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Branch-less tree lives                                                                                                                               Leaves appear defiantly                                                                                                                                     Nature wins! Continue reading Nature Wins