Thoughts About My Dad on Father’s Day

A few memories just visited me on this Father’s Day, to remind me of my dear old dad, and the things he used to say.   His wisdom of practical design, inspired us to think all the time.   “Try to stay as healthy as you can because being alive can be dangerous.”   “Live life knowing it is the only one you have; no … Continue reading Thoughts About My Dad on Father’s Day

Day Three – Three quotes Challenge

Above is a drew on my iPad when I was looking ofr some kind of inspiration. I found the Chines proverb and drew the tree which I call:Tree of Inspiration.        Here are the quotes to fulfill the three quote challenge. “Joy is an internal process grounded in knowledge of spiritual truth, the ability to trust the wisdom of the Divine, and faith in the … Continue reading Day Three – Three quotes Challenge

My Personal Blue Angel

Originally posted on Angel Pavillion:
Blue Angel from the Heavens above Fill the earth with lots of love I pray that everytime we look up at the stars we remind ourselves of our oneness. In the light so bright, and warm gentle like in a mother’s womb we are one.                                         –Gladys Acosta “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the… Continue reading My Personal Blue Angel

The Sunday Memories of A Baby Boomer

Sunday Morning A day of rituals started with church at St. Luke’s where forgiven sins remained for the rest of the week.   Then a big breakfast: pancakes, scrambled eggs, sizzling bacon and home fries we ate until we almost died.   Then off to some adventure dad would plan it out as a surprise no matter how he tried to disguised it It was … Continue reading The Sunday Memories of A Baby Boomer