Face to Face

Face to Face

Eyes of fiery crimson
staring at the moon
in wonder and confusion

Intuition tip toes
into each heart
and fear
makes it clear

Now face to face
with fate and hate
it’s time to make a move

what it boils down
it’s you vs me
because we will not see
eye to eye

we need to co-exist
whether Lamb of God
or Tyger, Tyger

“In what furnace was thy brain?”
Face to Face with shame
Let the shelves of history books refrain
we decided to retire and not ignite the fire

© melba christie

We often forget our purpose
We often forget we are all a part of each other


3 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. We all are constrained to face the facts of life on daily basis; we accept it or not that hardly matters. We’ve to fight our own Waterloo according to our conviction and circumstance in which we are put.
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem, relevant for all in fact.

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