Melba Christie 2015

When you worry about time,


it will be there no matter

how much you wait or not.

It be just a blink of an eye;

it may be how long it takes a tear drop

to roll down your cheek.

It may be eternal.

What will you know?

I prefer timeless all the time.

Melba Christie

My Whimsical Park

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My whimsical park is the

wonderland where my inner child

dreams of tomorrow

even when tomorrow is already today.

Yesterday’s dream

goes back into the fertile

mind of a new dreamer

ready to imagine

the peaceful world

I have longed for

all my life.

My whimsical park,

playground for lovers

of nature,

sacred turf,

no forbidden fruit to pick,

just stillness and love

to gain.

Whimsical Park