An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn

In this poem I have used some nonsense words I made up.   The rain breeped through the lofty trees on this clograyly fall day The hardy mums left from the summer were however happy that they had stayed.   Golinlimpling down the steep hill sprinted a beautiful unicorn eager to meet the lovers just married in the storm.   The unicorn’s voice so sweet … Continue reading An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn

I Hate Failure

Failure to achieve something meaningful in life can be devastating sometimes. I was thinking about failure today. There are circumstances in life that may get in the way of our success. Sometimes failure is inevitable. But why? We have little control over nature; often it seems like it needs to fail us or disappoint us in order for us to appreciate it as a gift from … Continue reading I Hate Failure

My Empty Nest is Emptier Today

My empty nest is emptier today after all of my children and grandchildren all came home for a very brief stay They spoiled me like a little kid with gorgeous smiles, spontaneous hugs and kisses, and comments prefaced with remember mom when this and that or this other referencing the good times she had with her only brother   sometimes I wonder if their memories … Continue reading My Empty Nest is Emptier Today