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do what you do best
until someone puts you to the test
you will find you won’t stand out from the rest

do want you please
or follow the quest
you proposed to yourself alone

go for your dream
or figure out something else
remember the windmills made it real

stand up for what’s right
or give in without a fight
look deep inside your heart
because in the end it all about
how guilty you feel

dilemmas will come and go
hard decisions stay for sure
what a dilemma to think
about yes or no

my dilemma today
should I go somewhere else to play
what are the options
not many I say!

Happy Anniversary to Poemattic!

It has been two years since I joined WordPress and the fascinating world of blogging. The experience has been most gratifying and I have been inspired by so many of my followers and readers. I am proud to be among such profound thinkers, peacemakers, lovers of the arts, photographers, and all others who share their day-to-day experiences and the rigors of life.

I have cried with a few of you during hard times the loss of love ones. I have laughed out loud with some of you at the wittiest comments and posts. I have been mesmerized by the creative art work and photography that transports the soul and the imagination to other realms. Thanks to my community of bloggers and to all my followers for what will be very memorable memories.

My life has changed for the better. I follow some pretty interesting bloggers who not only offer a fresh perspective on things but also open new pathways to joy and fulfillment. The blogging experience has given me a quiet refuge to speak from my heart and opportunities to help me check and reevaluate my poetry, my purpose and what really matters.

I think I am ready to reach out for some bold goals. I have submitted several manuscripts for publication. I never had the confidence to do that before. I will accept rejection if I am turned down but I am also thinking I may self publish. Time will tell. I will be still and patient in the now waiting for the moment that will be.

My baby grandson is teaching me some valuable lessons about unconditional love, patience and the simple pleasures of life. He marvels at the simplest things. He relishes every moment with just himself. He listens in attention when the birds sing and the dog barks and delights with the caress of his tender chubby cheeks. The amazing world of new wonders and discovery is heart warming. These few months with him and my six-year-old grandson inspired me to write more poetry for children.

So thanks to all of you for your support and inspiration. Happy Blogging and may poetry always be a source of happiness. Celebrate with me today by sending my blog to someone you know, Making a comment and/or by clicking like. 🙂

Melba Christie

pen paper

A quick thought about diversions today

What is diversion?

Dictionaries will define it as

“an activity that diverts the mind from tedious

or serious concerns;

a recreation or pastime.”

But I believe diversions have a new life now

almost a life of their own

they dictate what

we need to think about

how we do things

and tell us when

A diversion comes packaged

in individual devices

that divert attention

from the now.

On the one hand

they help us to concentrate on a given goal

but they are also very clever or smart enough

to distract us so we miss out on life’s simplicities

like returning a smile

or watching the tree sway peacefully against the sunset,

My concern is simple:

Will our future generations

really know what they’re missing

and will it matter?


We mourn those afflicted

by addiction

every day

of their lives

in anticipation of the inevitable.


fearing the way

they may

loose their souls one day


it seems too easy for some to get high

the question is why

they need to live such a lie

they fool no one

but themselves

they escape nothing

but hurt everyone who loves them


what goes through their mind?

what great pleasure derived,

that they risk death?


what urges envelope

some souls so fearlessly?


Addiction is an affliction

some say a disease

Does this news put you at ease?


Pardon me please

i will never comprehend

the affliction of addiction.


* I pray for all those who fight addiction. I was so sad to hear that one of my favorite actors may have died from an overdose.






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