do what you do best until someone puts you to the test you will find you won’t stand out from the rest do want you please or follow the quest you proposed to yourself alone go for your dream or figure out something else remember the windmills made it real stand up for what’s right or give in without a fight look deep inside your … Continue reading dilemma

Happy Anniversary to Poemattic!

It has been two years since I joined WordPress and the fascinating world of blogging. The experience has been most gratifying and I have been inspired by so many of my followers and readers. I am proud to be among such profound thinkers, peacemakers, lovers of the arts, photographers, and all others who share their day-to-day experiences and the rigors of life. I have cried … Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Poemattic!

A quick thought about diversions today

What is diversion? Dictionaries will define it as “an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.” But I believe diversions have a new life now almost a life of their own they dictate what we need to think about how we do things and tell us when A diversion comes packaged in individual devices that divert attention from … Continue reading A quick thought about diversions today


We mourn those afflicted by addiction every day of their lives in anticipation of the inevitable.   fearing the way they may loose their souls one day   it seems too easy for some to get high the question is why they need to live such a lie they fool no one but themselves they escape nothing but hurt everyone who loves them   what … Continue reading Addiction