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I Never Bother with New Year Resolutions

I never bother with New Year resolutions

Do they ever result in an evolution

of the mind?


That would be divine.

If I could I would start a revolution

of some kind.

Maybe I would become an inspiration

to those who lack conversation.


Of course I am from a generation

that never expected any compensation

for saying what was on our mind.


We marched for justice

if it were needed

and be willing to be imprisoned

for any heavenly cause or

just to remind

the people

that our nation’s constitution

provides us with many rights 


worthy of a hearty fight

for the people and by the people.


So if you want to make a resolution

for this New Year 2014

climb up on the highest steeple

to scream

so everyone hears

you loud and clear.


We are here

for a very short time

So let us be kind

to each other

and treat your neighbor

like your brother

(or sister) for that matter.

Angel of Peace

Let no other resolution think

it’s more important

than for us

to live in peace.


Please let me know what you think? Happy New Year!!!!


Did you hear? Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

I am at the lottery office cashing in on my ticket; I am a billionaire. It must be a practical joke but the check looks real and best of all I have no taxes to pay. I have told no one yet. I want to surprise people like the guy on that old 60’s show: The Millionaire.The first thing I will do is hire a guy that looks just like him (Marvin Miller). I will open accounts for each of them in various banks close to where they live. Hiring a top-notch accountant would be at the top of the list of things to do. I would need someone to skillfully handle my accounts.

The first surprise visit will be to my children’s homes. They will be told that an anonymous benefactor is giving them a million dollars each. The carrier will wear a hidden camera so I can see their reaction. Two or three weeks later I will give them a call and let them know I am indeed the benefactor.  I guess they will call me first to give me the news and perhaps to offer me some of their new-found wealth. If I do not hear from them I will be heartbroken. I know exactly what they will do with the money. They have always been practical and careful with their money but I want them to go a little crazy. The grandchildren I want to spoil like never before.

My husband, sister, brother, nieces and nephews, and my parents in-laws who I love like my own parents would get their surprise immediately afterward. They’d receive a personal invitation to
meet me at their favorite store. Opened exclusively for each of them they would have the opportunity to take part in a private shopping spree.

Then I will have the carrier go back to my former workplace to distribute checks among the employees. I always told them that if I ever hit the lotto I would send a few helicopters out to hover over the building and have a police escort announce over a loud-speaker the names of the people who would need to come out and board the copter. They would be taken to a Caribbean island and given their checks. They would probably know it came from me. I promised them so many times I would share my winnings.

Then of course, I would give money to my favorite charities and create a foundation to help children and education. There is no doubt I would buy that Mercedes I have always wanted. I would commission my son to build me the house of my dreams. Like the commercial says, “It only takes a dollar and a dream.” The best for me would be to see the faces of the people who would be millionaires instantly without having to buy a ticket.

This is a response to a Daily Prompt:

Merry Christmas!

This is a voice over I made a few years ago for my grandson. I have another grandson almost a year old and so I am dedicating this to him and his big brother. I love this poem and hope you will enjoy it too.

Melba Christie presents:

The Night Before Christmas

Shopping Center Christmas Tree

Shopping Center Christmas Tree

The adorned tree stands tall
in the center of the mall
admirers pass by and sigh
at its elegance.

Little tots need to stretch
to see the star up high
as they wait in line
to tell Santa what’s
on their mind
and to assure him
they have be
behaving fine.

Christmas carols sung by a choir
in close proximity
Lovers stroll and sing along
to their favorite holiday ditty.

The Spirit of Christmas
is present in every
nook and cranny
greeting signs on every door
are so inviting
Shiny tinsels dance to rhythm
of bright lights twinkling on and off

The Christmas tree
is a witness to the joy
the season brings
It stands tall
in the center of the mall
and sways as the choir sings
“Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
Of all the trees most Lovely”

By Melba Christie (c) 2013

“This Christmas mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love, and then speak it again.” – Author Unknown


Christmas Lights


Writing prompt Challenge for Today’s Author

This is in response to a Writing Prompt challenge at


The Bus Driver


The bus driver looked familiar, but she couldn’t figure out how she knew him. Anna dropped six quarters into the coin slot and as she walked to take the first available seat, she remembered. It was Mr. Davis, her former piano teacher. Her hands started shaking. She caught him looking back at her through the large rear view mirror. Anna slid in her seat and took out a book from her tote to cover her face away from his stare. Could he possibly have recognized her after so many years? After all she was only eight when it happened.

Anna could not understand how he managed to be out of prison so soon. She was 28 years old now and his sentence was supposed to be for thirty-five years, after his conviction for molesting another girl he tutored privately. He was a fantastic teacher and she never could understand how he could have done such a horrible thing. He was always a gentleman with her. But that other little girl told her parents what he had done. Her dad almost killed Mr. Davis when he found out.

Anna anxiously waited for her stop. In her head she planned how she would get off the bus. She was closer to the front but she did not want to face him again. But she hated to leave through the back of the bus; it was a short walk but she always stumbled and was afraid of falling. Anna wore a brace; one of her legs was shorter and it made her so self-conscience.

The bus stopped before she could pull the cord. Did Mr. Davis know this was her stop? She trembled at the thought. She had lived in the neighborhood all her life. Anna finally reached the rear door as the bus driver pulled the lever and lowered the bus to let her off. She stepped down slowly trying not to look back.

As Anna walked towards the cross walk the bus was still stopped at the corner. She walked as fast as she could and suddenly she heard a strong raspy voice call out to her. It was Mr. Davis. He said, “Anna, I just want you to know I did not do it. My case was reviewed and I was found innocent and let out. I just wanted you to know.” He smiled at her and waved. She never rode the bus again after that day. Anna did not know what to believe although deep down she wanted to believe he was innocent. Mr. Davis had always been so kind to her and he was such a good teacher. Anna sat at her piano that evening and played Ludwig van Beethoven’s No. 4, G Major, Op. 58. It was the piece she had mastered and was a favorite of Mr. Davis.

Be Happy

The holiday season helps to create an awareness of what happiness is about. Yesterday at the mall I observed children mesmerized by Santa, and heard them telling him their wishes. Their beautiful faces said it all. I remembered my childhood and the love that surrounded us especially during Christmas. I wrote this poem last May. Spring is a very favorite time for me also. But I think it is so appropriate for this time of year as well. So,I decided to re-blog it. I want to add another favorite thing: I love writing and posting my work on WordPress and appreciate my reader’s support and comments. I have learned about so many topics and have been touched by so many of the bloggers I follow. Thank you all.
Melba Christie

Melba Christie at Poemattic

There are as many nights as days,

and the one is just as long as the other

in the year’s course. Even a happy  life

cannot be without a measure of darkness,

and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning

if it were not balanced with sadness.

Carl Jung


What makes you happy? Please post your thoughts on Twitter or right here at Poemattic.


After reading this quote, I thought about the things that make me happy and better still what I can do to be happier. I believe the secret is this: be unafraid of change, savor the moment when big things happen but be the happiest with the small things. Small events happen every second of the day that may bring a smile to your face.

Accept happiness unconditionally. Restore what childhood and youth provided for us which is the ability to see beauty in…

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A Time for Peace


It is a time for peace

Let us make it our business

one at a time or in unison

to once and for all

rid the world of hatred

and violence erase.


Be still and listen to your heartbeat

for it is the same

in everyone’s chest.


We all need it inside of us

in order to exist.


So let this one

of many things

we share in common

drive the manifest

and put our hearts to the test

let each beat you hear

remind you of another soul like you

and let love insist

to keep its home

in each and every heart

which indeed is our own.

Melba Christie (c) 2013






Spreading the Cheer

Big Star Tree


Little tree thought of the gift
given by him,
then the big tree said with the
happiest grin,
“We’re not just trees,
but a reminder of that day,
there’s a much bigger part,
of a role that we play!”


On Words

“I fell in love – that is the only expression I could think of – at once and I am still at the mercy of words, though sometimes now, knowing a little of their behavior very well, I think I can influence them slightly and have learned to beat them now and then, which they appear to enjoy.”            – Dylan Thomas

This quote made me think of when I actually fell in love with words. It must have been when I was in the fifth grade, I had a great teacher who obviously loved words and instilled in us a curiosity for the origins of words. I was fascinated by the stories. I was intrigued by how words evolved and how their use could disappear. Words could be displaced, misused, misinterpreted, or played with. We have wordsmiths and new words are born every day. We can make puns, poke fun and juxtaposition then to make them more interesting. I suppose my love for words inspired me to be a poet.

As bloggers you must have fallen in love with words at some point. Do you recall when that happened? What are your favorite words?

This is my poem about some of my favorite words:

I like exasperated when I am feeling thus

I love words especially when they make a fuss

in order to describe a special situation

My mom called these Sunday words

because their job was to bring us inspiration.

Words like giggle, chuckle and snigger

make me want to laugh out loud

And when I want to meditate

I choose silence, stillness and try to imagine myself sitting on a fluffy cloud.

Gorgeous, hilarious, stupendous and other words that end in -ious or -ous

I use quite often

Frequently I like to use the words we have borrowed from other tongues

like caramba, chutzpah, guru and glitz.

but there are no better words or feelings

than adore, amor and fervor.

My list is long and it gets longer by the day

but one word I know is here to stay

is hope and it is always for a better day.

Poetry Challenge – Write a Holiday Tanka Poem

I have participated in several challenges offered by WordPress bloggers. This week I decided to present a challenge. The challenge is to write a tanka Poem. What is a tanka?

According to

“The Japanese tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem, traditionally written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as “short song,” and is better known in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form.”. – See more at:

Please post your poem and write Tanka Challenge in the Title. Then, comment on my holiday tanka with your tanka’s  title and your web address so I can read your poems. I am looking forward to your participation. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all my readers and followers.

Glimmering lights

Tis the Season

Glimmering lights

dance to celebrate

the holidays

and the joy of a new year

and everyone

is ready for all the cheer.

                                                                                                                    Melba Christie

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