Haiku 52

Coqui! (Photo credit: wormwould)


The Coqui is a tiny cricket frog common to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Its call is unique and clear, My cousin’s nickname is Coqui and when she would go out at night we could hear the Coqui calling out her name. My beloved grandmother would respond in Spanish with this short rhyme when the cricket frog called out my cousin’s name. It means: No, Coqui is not here.

“No, Coqui no esta aqui.”

I was listening to a Coqui this evening and the clarity with which it sang reminded of my grandmother’s refrain. Thus Haiku # 52 is born.






secret calls at night


all of nature listen to the


unique Coqui

By Melba Christie




A Poem for A Mime

The french mime Jyjou* in typical mime's posit...
The french mime Jyjou* in typical mime’s positions inspired by the french Etienne Decroux’s mime technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I met a mime the other day.

He looked into my soul as I prayed,

and watched me very carefully

to find out how I used to be

before my heart turned cold.

He mimicked me so perfectly

the tears he shed were mine

he knew my heart was broken

when he looked into my eyes.

A mime can tell

when nothing’s well;

and happiness flees the body

Mimes create the illusion

and can become almost anybody.

I met a mime the other day

who knew what not to say

he used his hands and facial gestures

to tell me anyway.

I ended up with a smile on my face

and got the message

loud and clear

in a universal language

I learned that I am not to fear.

My mime made sure I saw myself

in His image to rebuild my self-esteem

But what I did not know until today

the mime I met the other day

was just visiting my dream.

Melba Christie 2013





В один прекрасный день,попробовать себя мне в ...
В один прекрасный день,попробовать себя мне в роли мима предложили и я себя согласил) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Visit to the Hospital


I had a very emotional dream last night. I was back in the hospital with my oldest sister. She was in the intensive care unit under an induced coma.  So the visit was limited to just a few minutes. There were a few patients in that section with very serious conditions of course. I remember one woman specifically. She survived that episode and died several years later. I do not know the destiny of the other woman.  In the dream I am writing about the experience in a poem. I actually had written a poem and had put it away. when I woke up this morning, I looked for the poem in one of my old journals and there was the poem. It was déjà vu all over again as they say. I felt I had to include it in my post today. If you have ever lost a sibling, especially a sister, it is a very difficult thing. I was the baby. She was my confidant. It’s gotten easier through the years. Here it is.

As I await

what the doctors have declared

“the inevitable”

a long trying wait

hope escapes the room

and when I least expect it

it tiptoes back into the room

to visit her dreams.

Reality beeps desperately

every second


two anxious hearts

and mine terrified.

The protocol monitor

gauges everything but

their deep thoughts,

and their questions beginning with

what if …?

Destiny has arranged

for these two strangers

one in Bed A

and the other  in Bed B

to share the power of hope.





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I come from silky mud

after a season of rain, rain, rain

one spring.

The universe would not

allow the earth to dry up

my mother could not resist

and picked up a clump

and made a fist

to shape me into the person I am today.

She told me though

that I had picked her.


My Brain Went Bungee Jumping

My brain went bungee jumping the other day

It bounced me up and down

until it finally allowed

one of my deep thoughts

to rise along with it

the thought penetrated a cloud

and it rained love

all over.

Imagine that!

All this because my brain

went bungee jumping.




Fireworks in the Morning


The fourth of July is characterized by patriotic parades, picnics and the Macy’s Fireworks Fantasia. I took this photo this morning. As I looked at the flower through the lenses I thought about how nature has its own way of celebrating the 4th of July. Happy 4th of July everyone.



Another Award to Cherish


I was bestowed this award for simply following the stories of a mother who stood by her adult daughter with great courage and passion for life. Unfortunately the daughter lost her battle with the illness that debilitated her. Tersia Burger’s courage is not one to be measured but a measure to aspire. I applaud her unconditional love for her beautiful daughter. It must have been so difficult to write her pain. But I am sure she helped so many others in the process. So Tersia I am once again humbled by your award. http://tersiaburger.com/2013/07/01/the-loyal-reader-award/

She posed a question and here it is:

If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive?

I would survive simply because I can cope with solitude. However, I would suffer great grief if I would be separated from my family. Another few things that would disappoint me would be not having a Barnes and Noble close by and of course a Dunkin Donut shop.


Here are some of my loyal readers who read my blog and leave comments. I apologize if I left out anyone I should have acknowledged as a loyal reader.  The list is in no particular order: