Father’s Day

On this father’s day, my son has been a father for eight years. My husband has been a father for 39 years and my father-in-law has been a father for close to 64 years. Collectively that is a total of 111 years of parenting. Many times we do not give fathers the credit they deserve. Mother’s day traditionally conjures up more emotion and sentimentality. (Or … Continue reading Father’s Day

A poem inspired by inspirational titles of poems that inspired my life

I have continued to ponder about what inspires me and what inspires my writing. Sometimes what inspires me is a simple line in a poem or narrative. Sometimes it’s the title of a poem. Some poems stay with us forever. You may have read them just at the most proper moment in your life. Maybe a teacher read it in a way you would never … Continue reading A poem inspired by inspirational titles of poems that inspired my life

What is inspiration anyway?

Poemattic was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   It made feel my blog had a purpose. I started thinking about the concept of inspiration and asked myself a very simple question: What is inspiration anyway? Where does it come from? Is it a process or a random spark of something that fires up the heart and brain simultaneously? I wonder. Many things inspire … Continue reading What is inspiration anyway?

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I want to thank Lorraine Reguly  http://lorrainemariereguly.wordpress.com/ for her support and nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Here are seven things about me. 1. I am a lover of books. 2. I collect dictionaries of all kinds and for different languages. (Even if I do not speak them myself) 3. I watercolor. 4. I would like to attend a master class conducted by opera … Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Relentless Nature of Mother Nature

We have saw the powerful tornadoes that have destroyed many homes in Moore, Oklahoma. Just yesterday other tornadoes killed 9 people. I hope that we will all reach out and help with whatever we can. My prayers are with the victims and survivors. God bless America.   We don’t know when We don’t understand why We cannot control the forces no matter how hard we … Continue reading The Relentless Nature of Mother Nature