Haiku 47

    A cicada’s life             a source of fascination           symbol of rebirth                                               Related articles           Haikus: The Best Form of Expression (heypoofy.wordpress.com) Haikus About Haikus (missingthemuse.wordpress.com)   Continue reading Haiku 47


Photographs tell lies sometimes; smiles were forged by a simple command ” Say cheese!” That moment, that instant will freeze emotions of all kinds for eternity to witness and judge.           Related articles The Photographer’s Voice (philippejacquotphotography.com) Surreal Reality-Bending Photographs – These Surreal Photographs Put an Imaginative Twist on Emotions (TrendHunter.com) (trendhunter.com) Classic Art: Boulevard Photographic – Autofocus (motortrend.com) Photography (bestnewjerseyweddingphotographer.wordpress.com) … Continue reading Photographs

What is around the corner?

It seems like a simple question. What is around the corner? All one needs to do is look and see. But obviously the question is rhetorical and sometimes plain scary? However, it is probably a very common question these days. English writer and poet G. K. Chesterton once said, “There is one thing which gives radiance to everything. It is the idea of something around … Continue reading What is around the corner?

On Friends

                       On Friends Go forth into the busy world  and love it interest yourself in life, mingle kindly with its joy and sorrows,  try what you can to do for others rather than what you can make them do for you,  and you will know what it is to have friends                  -Ralph Waldo Emerson Related articles Emerson on … Continue reading On Friends


This poem is dedicated to my sister Daisy. Tomorrow would have been her 75th Birthday.      I am reminded of her everyday in so many different ways especially at dawn as the sun slowly sneaks up on us to help us watch daisies dance with buttercups she was the sunshine of the night and made our lives feel just right She was my confidant and … Continue reading Daisy


This is dedicated to my infant grandson. I see them mostly in photographs and short video clips his parents sent me. And sometimes it seems he is in deep thought.   It’s hard to tell what you are thinking about all day you are snug in your bed or being swayed in your mother’s arms or being fed,   What is it that you think … Continue reading Thinking

Nothing is more delightful than one’s own pillow

one can squeeze it without it protesting the sweet aroma that remains of the dreams you wish would come true someday but hope deep inside you keep dreaming about them anyway   soft and fluffy like clouds be filled with foam or feather especially in cold weather one can puff it plunk it or drape it over one’s head hug it and hug it again … Continue reading Nothing is more delightful than one’s own pillow