poem makers

Writing a poem sometimes requires extra stamina, a conversation with one’s muse, an extraordinary happening, listening to nature, carefully observing the work of ants, an endearing gesture, a big hug, a dimpled smile, a sad story on TV, looking through the family album, the visit of a sweet memory, sorrowful news, an old fashioned love song on the radio, or just listening to your own … Continue reading poem makers

Haiku Deck

        The image is a small watercolor I painted a few weeks ago in honor of St. Patrick‘s Day. The message is simple but profound at the same time. I have a passion for teaching. Many of the wonderful ideas I have learned and the creative opportunities I have had, have been taught to me by a passionate teacher. Paolo Freire believed … Continue reading Haiku Deck

    “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”                                                                                                           — Maya Angelou                            Continue reading

what happened to good?

What happened to good? I would like to know. All  you hear lately is negativity our economy: no good our hope: not there our respect: gone that’s not good. our patience:non-existent  That’s not good either. our dignity: not present not good at all! our ability to care for one another going, going gone This cannot be good. What happened to for the good of the order? What happened to … Continue reading what happened to good?