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Places and Spaces

Dedicated to my son



I heard an architect

take a deep breath

when he saw the space

he thought he had only

envisioned in his imagination;

he was convinced

his Creator was the only

One capable

of designing such a beautiful place.


He asked himself if he should

manifest his desire

to expand his plan

to shape consciousness

to insist on harmony

to expand his perspective

beyond the first womb

where vital lessons about living

were learned in stillness


The architect translates

his dreams into reality

to delight the eyes

of humankind


He designs the places and spaces

that help us contemplate nature

without boundaries

to let us know we are interconnected

All One


Clouded sky


Look  around

The view is unique

because Architects

have challenged the skies

they’ve  discovered the shadows

that oppress the spirit

and redirect the influences

that affect the soul.



Look around

how some spaces remain


free to inspire

new generations

full of light and truth.


Look around for

the places and spaces

be ready to be mesmerized

over and over again.


















Sometimes a feeling invades the senses

all at once

overwhelming the heart and soul

sometimes intuition

tickles you first

to get your attention


sometimes it injects you with energy

so powerful you cannot sleep


sometimes it tiptoes into your dreams

and allows you to slumber


but the feeling lingers for days

and you just can’t remember

why or what it is you should



Sometimes it smacks you across the face

and when you look at yourself  in the mirror

you see a hand imprinted in deep red

and sometimes instead

it just walks up to you

and shakes your hand

and you suddenly understand

what you need to do

Your intuition knows how

to make this a better world

to value what matters most

to love life

to be still

and watch patiently

as a flower blooms in spring.


Painting Sadness

An artist looked deep

inside my broken heart

and tried to paint its sadness

but he knows

I rather hide my melancholy

behind fields of lavender

so instead my portrait is a

lonely landscape

filled with dreams

I have forgotten to chase


The artist looks at his

painting and sighs

with satisfaction.


it makes so many others

feel at peace.



Fields of Lavender



Dare Dream My Children

Dedicated to all our children for they are the future and most importantly our present. They are all our children and they are watching us.

Dare dream

my dear children

today and tomorrow

the same

Some many still remain

Dare Dream

a new dream

so many like you

are in your company

pay homage

to the great preacher

who knew it would be possible some day

Dare dream

the bold dream

the one some will tell

is too ambitious

just keep your eye on the prize

Dare dream

because it does not cost you anything

only good will, hard work, and passion

Dare Dream

out loud,


wide-eyed and determined

to be the change

just because

it is with you

where dreams fulfilled begin

Dare Dream

my children

you are not alone

the first stone

has been set

by the architect

who led the fight

for equal

civil and social rights

Dare Dream

It has not been deferred

it will not explode

Dare Dream

Dare Dream

Dare Dream

– Melba Christie

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
“Take the first step in faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
                                                                                 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Getting Ready

Retirement is a scary thing for most folks. It means learning to live on a lower-income sometimes. It means that you will have the time to do the things you always wanted to do. It means spending more quality time with loved ones. It also requires a plan of action. The last thing you want to get caught up in meaningless free time. Having extra leisure time may be appealing in the beginning but after a few weeks you will find that you have too much leisure time.

Getting ready for retirement will include applying for your benefits from work or cashing in a IRA or retirement savings plan. It may mean having to make adjustments to your medical plan coverage. You want to make sure that you have taken care of all the logistics. Make sure you have also revisited your will, insurance policies or other end of life arrangements. I do not mean to be morbid but it is very important to have your affairs in order.

Retirement is an opportunity to start over. You may have an empty nest to fill with other things. This also means that your marriage may be starting over as well or picking up where you left off after the children were born. It may be a time to think about renewing vows or planning to celebrate a special anniversary.



A pair of love birds



If you are or were a creative person, it may be the moment to think about taking a language class or exotic cooking lessons. Some community and state colleges over reduced or free courses for retirees. You may want to attend a writer’s retreat or stay at a spa hotel to simply treat yourself to a relaxing weekend away from it all.

There are now so many resources for getting ready and it is important that you attend  pre-retirement seminars offered by the workplace and other organizations. is a good place to start the process. Visit the library and take out books on the topic. If you and can afford to travel extensively do your homework first. Getting ready emotionally is the most important step. Make a list of the things you will not miss about being on the job. It will out weigh the list of things that you think you will miss. Getting ready to start over is going to be just another journey but do not focus on the final destination; think about the possibilities.


It cannot be


As life gets a little older

I think about the things

that could have been

then I think about the things

that cannot be

and all the times I said,

it cannot be in a dream

and sometimes in a scream

of disbelief

I knew that

it cannot be

that we are free

to decide our destiny


life’s  many thiefs

steal away

right underneath your nose

the joy that could have been


it cannot be that it’s impossible

it cannot be that I have been so weak

it cannot be that I had rather not speak

it cannot be that I forgot how to be me

it cannot be it cannot be

this is my destiny





Frida K

Frida Kahlo

by Melba Christie


She “combated sadness ferociously”

with her paint brush

her most faithful companion

life reveals itself

in portraits,

mirrors reflect the surreal

and reality confronts her in the raw

but does not share the pain and anguish

deep inside she tries to draw


She is the courageous onlooker

But is not as courageous as she thinks

as far as she is concerned

it all stinks.


She fought in an eternal war

between light and darkness

fidelity and infidelity

truth and untruth

justice  and injustice

Frida’s paintings haunt us

and make us more aware


We now watch the  mirror that truly sees our soul

and reflects the still life on the table ( perhaps not as still)

as we continue to search for the stillness we so need

Did Frida realize that she planted a seed?

She showed us life

and how surreal it really is.





How do you want to be remembered?  asked the poet

There were three poets, one doctor and two teachers present to respond to the poet’s question.

Finally after a long silence and obvious pondering the doctor says, “I want to be remembered  as someone who took my oath seriously.

One poet said, ” I want to be remembered as a poet who wanted to promote peace.”

The other poet said, “I will be remembered as the king of the couplet.”

The remaining poet said, ” I hope people will remember me as the simple poet.”

Then the two teachers looked at each other politely and gestured one another to speak first.

After a few seconds one teacher speaks. “I want to be remembered for my patience,” she said.

The other teacher remains pensive for a few more seconds. She says, “I hope that the students I was not able to reach somehow know that

I am deeply sorry I was not able to reach them. I hope they finally know that my heart-felt their pain and that I wished I could have been a

better teacher to them.”

A few weeks ensued and the poet learns that the teacher had passed away. He was so moved by what she said that he decides to write her a


Here is the poem:

You made a mark

inside my heart

many years ago

removed my fears

and washed away my tears


you tried so hard

to make me see

and helped me to believe in me.


your love for poetry

inspired me to write poems

my rhyming thoughts


you did not see

the you you left in me.

You set me free with the poetry

you read so beautifully.


you thought I was not looking

you thought I was not listening

I hope you know

you could not have been a better teacher

you soothed my pain

and will remain

in my heart forever.





A tribute to those who left us in 2012

A tribute to those who left us in 2012


He picked February to take his lonely ride on the Soul Train to the other side

we will never forget the Saturday afternoons he encouraged us to dance

in front of our TVs.


Only Heaven Knows what her Last Dance was like

But it must have been to a great song On the Radio

And we will never Love to Love each other the way we did then.


She mesmerized us with her powerful voice

intended to spread the Gospel by first choice

and helped us appreciate the Greatest Love of All within us.


Another inspiration to teenagers everywhere

was a great gentleman

who introduced us to a program

called American Bandstand

We danced to all the different beats

we swayed to catchy lyrics the whole time

and every 31st of December

he ushered in the New Year with Auld Lang Syne


Undefeated he fought many battles,

but lost his greatest bout in life victim to street violence

We always will remember his flashy stance

and his unique dance around the ring

and pray this great Lightweight Champion is facing his maker in the greatest of Gardens.


He showed us how simple life could be

in his Mayberry town,

his smile was so contagious and friendly

and the only time he would put on a frown

was in his role as Matlock the savvy lawyer of a small country town.


For 60 minutes every Sunday evening

we watched as he asked the tough questions

only great journalist learn to craft

and he made sure he got the answers for our satisfaction.


We lost many more celebrities during the year 2012

(the year that should have ended the world)

this poem is a tribute to only these few

because these  folks especially

I felt I kinda of knew

No matter the medium

there was never a moment of tedium

and so I bid you all farewell

and thank you for the memories.


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