a fluffy feather flying with no real destination a field of lavender touched by a summer breeze a tree swaying to a blues song by B.B. King a bowl of bright red jello topped with whipped cream a lonely gold-fish making air bubbles in a crystal clear tank a tender hug from my grandson a handful of sand slowly escaping through your fingers a snowy … Continue reading Relaxation

26 Acts of Kindness

Poemattic believes deeply in the concepts of Acts of Kindness or Passing it Forward. We are proposing that WordPress bloggers and their followers join us in the 26 Acts of kindness movement by writing poems about kindness, fostering kindness, illustrating kindness or demonstrating kindness simply by writing a 26 word poem and sending it to Poemattic to publicize. Poemattic will post all types of formats … Continue reading 26 Acts of Kindness

Blog of the Year 2012 Award Nomination – WOW!

I am so thrilled that someone took time out to acknowledge my blog and nominate it for Blog of the Year 2012 Award. I read many blogs every week. I learn from them and some inspire me to keep writing but more importantly the more I read the more I understand the purpose of writing and my purpose. I love the English language and languages in … Continue reading Blog of the Year 2012 Award Nomination – WOW!