A small puddle of melted snow reflects the passerby who tries to avoid it carefully stepping to one side.   Then a child skips across freely without a worry in the world. The hem of his pants drenched and his mother asks, “Did you step in that puddle?’ Yes, the child responds shyly.   When he goes back outside this time looks down inside  the … Continue reading Reflection


  There are all kinds of learning but no better lesson exists than rediscovering yourself through the lens of a child with a deep understanding and the innate ability to identify one’s roots and heritage  in someone else. A unique connection is made and the best part is that it came about not because of a stereotype or bias but by a deep feeling of … Continue reading Learning

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Sandy left mass devastation and heart-break for many in the Northeastern United States, and the Caribbean. I pray for the victims and relatives of the people who lost their lives. I feel blessed to have merely lost power, some perishables from our freezer, Internet and phone service. I was unable to submit to this blog for a few days. I am grateful for my followers who … Continue reading Back to the Blogging Board