Nature’s Rage

          Once again Nature‘s rage surges oceans and waves cart-wheel along the shores. Nature’s indignation Tired of our ways shakes the terrain while the weather vane warns and advises that Sandy (a name innately innocuous) has been upgraded to a hurricane, potential able to plunk down tons of rain All bets are off at Atlantic City. Mandate decrees Towns evacuate Giant … Continue reading Nature’s Rage

I must have been focused on something else when I took this photograph. I cannot remember what I wanted to photograph. I  do not know why I ended up with this image. Since we are a few days away from Halloween I thought I’d post the photo. If you think you know what the image in photo might be, please let me know. I have … Continue reading

WordPress Blogger’s Quotable Quotes

These are the quotes I want to share with you. There are so many bloggers out there that have such talent and write to lift the spirit. There are many more who are so creative in presenting their photography and other artistic forms of expression. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts, life’s philosophy and personal experiences. I look forward to reading WordPress bloggers everyday. Happy … Continue reading WordPress Blogger’s Quotable Quotes

Lovely Blogger Award Nomination (continued)

Seven things about me: 1. Never expect to win any type of award. 2. My bucket list needs to narrowed down. 3. I compose songs in the shower. 4. Love to listen to Gospel music. 5. I would love to live for one year in each of the following countries: France, Italy and China. 6. I collect all kinds of notebooks and journals. 7. I … Continue reading Lovely Blogger Award Nomination (continued)


Hidden in her tiny mind a masterpiece is waiting A crowd yells, “encore!”     Related articles Good news for our G/T programs ( Raising Gifting Children Has Positives And Negatives ( Giftedness, Creativity, and Storytelling – and Imposter Syndrome ( The International Week of the Gifted 2012 (   Continue reading Masterpiece

Nothing Like An Old Love Song

“In life there are loves that cannot be forgotten.” This is the first line of an old love song (almost considered a solemn hymn for lovers) by a very popular Puerto Rican singer and bandleader named Tito Rodriguez. The lyrics are in Spanish but even if you did not know what he was saying you felt the emotion coming through. My parents danced to this song in … Continue reading Nothing Like An Old Love Song

Lovely Blog Award Nomination

  I am happy to report that has received a nomination for the Lovely Blog Award. I was nominated by I want to take this opportunity to thank her. I also ask my followers to send good energy her way for her daughter is battling serious illness. I believe in the power generated by well wishers, call it prayer or whatever else. It … Continue reading Lovely Blog Award Nomination