A Remembrance

I looked up the Top 100 hits of 2001. To me it is as if though the songs of that year never existed. I lost my sister that year under other circumstances. She heard of the horrific news on the radio. Her favorite radio show had been interrupted. She was very ill and could not see but I remember her telling me how fearful she was in her hospital room that day. I could not remember one of the hits for that year. I thought about how there is always a song that reminds you of a significant moment in your life. I used some of the titles of the hits that year to compose my poem as a remembrance. Perhaps some of these songs may have been their favorites. I hope it brings solace to some of their loved ones. God bless America.


It was a “Beautiful Day” in September
The sky so crisp and so blue
Who would have ever imagined
It would be the horror we would remember.

Our Finest and Bravest did not hesitate
and came to rescue
From everywhere
Never wondering what might be their fate

With their “Arms Wide Open
Although their hearts were broken
Their commitment and their “Promise”
Always endured
United and strong
they swore that never ever “Again”
would anything so despicable and so wrong
be allowed to happen.

We are still “Hanging by a Moment
Although “It’s Been a While”
Only Time” will tell
If our hearts will heal “Again”
It has become “Family Affair
As our country
gathers every year
to remember those who left us
so hopeless and full of fear.

All of You” are always present
In our minds and in our souls
“Missing You” forever
With the deepest “Love” of all.

This I Promise You
We will never forget!





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