Blue Moon

Blue moon embedded in the sky full of glory surrounded by azure and pink fluffy clouds One cannot help but to stare And somewhere Someone prays; a child watches in awe hoping it is made of cheese. a mother cradles her baby. and lovers fall in love all over again. What is a blue moon? Related articles Is a Blue Moon Really Blue? ( What … Continue reading Blue Moon

Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week

  Quotes of the week: From: Browsery – “Did I mention supreme joy? That is why I read: I want everything to be okay. That’s why I read when I was a lonely kid and that’s why I read now that I’m a scared adult. Mary Ruefle (via arkoftheache)” From: A Letter from My Future Self “There is a rare joy in reading … Continue reading Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week


  I love this word. It implies an instant in time that may never repeat itself. Measurable only to the extent that it is memorable or special. Moments become timeless. Then there is the Aha! moment. I have had a few of those    change my life. Someone once said that there is no happiness only moments of happiness. Precious moments could be classified as … Continue reading moments