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Blue Moon

Blue moon

embedded in the sky

full of glory

surrounded by azure

and pink fluffy clouds

One cannot help but to stare

And somewhere

Someone prays;

a child watches in awe

hoping it is made of cheese.

a mother cradles her baby.

and lovers

fall in love all over again.

What is a blue moon?

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Cabin in the Sky

She asked for a cabin in the sky;
Nothing fancy she’d say.

I know now her wish came true.
When in a dream
She invited me to view
Her new home.

She guided me through
Green pastures of Kentucky blue grass,
fields of stargazer lilies and yellow and white daffodils galore,
knolls of lavender and rows of sage
and trees laden with fruit coming of age

Eleven years have gone by since her passing
And through this dream
Her message was clear:
There is nothing to fear!
The love never dies;
And I am so happy
She got her Cabin in the Sky.

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Now is Here

Now is here

Here is now

I am here to be me

and to be you somehow

we are a part of each other

every instant, every moment

of the day.

Each moment counts

the now

the  present

and who is to say

what will be

it is what it is

and what is is

not tomorrow

but right now

It is now that I AM
Is there any doubt?

Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week


Quotes of the week:

From: Browsery –

“Did I mention supreme joy? That is why I read: I want everything to be okay. That’s why I read when I was a lonely kid and that’s why I read now that I’m a scared adult.

Mary Ruefle (via arkoftheache)”


A Letter from My Future Self

“There is a rare joy in reading the words of my heart in print, bled out in the blackest of ink onto each numbered page. Words that change lives. Words that inspire. Words that can even change the world. This I believe to be true.”



Make sure you love something today.


Science Knows

“There is an intimate and unique connection between the cosmos and the observer when heads are tilted back. No one would mention seeing a celebrity photographed in a magazine, but many text messages would be sent after passing someone famous in the street, or seeing them across a room. It makes them real.’

*I am having such a great time reading my fellow Word Press bloggers. For those of you reading my posts I want to thank you all. Your comments are very much appreciated.




I love this word. It implies an instant in time that may never repeat itself. Measurable only to the extent that it is memorable or special. Moments become timeless. Then there is the Aha! moment. I have had a few of those    change my life. Someone once said that there is no happiness only moments of happiness. Precious moments could be classified as moments of happiness. But some moments can be appraised as awkward. Can someone’s awkward moment be another’s precious moment? Van Goethe said, “every second is of infinite value.” So we may want to seize the moment to make sure that we stay in the present as much as possible. I want to make sure that the moments I may be able to produce for others are touching moments and become cherished by the receiver. I just wrote a poem about a poet who tries to describe the moments in his life that count. Here it is. Please take a moment and reply or comment.


The Poet in the Moment

The poet waited for a moment because it was all he could spare at the time.

He waited for the muse who had promised to visit him everyday to inspire a poem.

In the meantime, moments paraded in his head, This is what he saw:

A moment of glory when he won the race,

The moment he kissed his sweetheart for the first time,

The moment he discovered himself,

The moment faith was restored in his heart.

The proud moment his parents felt when he graduated from college.

The one moment he thought he had lost his mind.

The moment he prayed and asked God to save his mom.

The moment his first son was born.

The moment he remembered what he had forgotten.

Then, he looked up to the sky and saw a falling star

and thought to himself there goes my poem.

Melba Christie



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Remembering Norma Jean 50 Years later


Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe. After all these years her life and death fascinates some folks including myself. I was only __ at the time; I (rather not give my age away) was very young. I really didn’t understand what the fuss was all about at the time. But as years passed I remember hearing about all the investigations and implications about her death at the age of 39.

I remember watching most of her movies in the company of my father who adored her as did many men and women from all over the world. My mother loved her too. She would always say Marilyn was “una belleza natural” and how she and Clark Gable made a nice couple.

My older sister still collects her memorabilia. So the fascination runs in the family. As I grew older I was intrigued to read more about the so called theories about how she died. But then again many Americans wanted to unravel the mystery surrounding her death. She was like the girl next door. I do not think that anyone wanted to believe that America’s sweetheart would ever think about suicide. This is a subject not too many people like to talk about or even think about. I became aware of what suicide was very early in life and so Marilyn became to represent the question everyone wants answered when someone like her decides to end it all.

I remember Joe DiMaggio’s homage to her as he made sure that a dozen roses were delivered to her tomb three times a week for many years to come. I was a teenager when I first realized that Joe DiMaggio manifested his love for her that way. It was heart-warming and so romantic to me. Then years later Elton John writes a song about the famed actress and these lyrics resound in my head and remind me not only about Norma Jean but about the loved one I lost to the same kind of lonely pain that resulted in suicide.

“And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did”

I cannot believe that 50 years have passed. I remember the Life magazine my dad brought home with her beautiful face on the cover that read Memories of Marilyn. Although it is a cliché to say, but it does seem like this was only yesterday. Her legend is still alive and I want to dedicate my post to her today and to all those who have had such deep emotional pain in their lives that they would take their lives. As a society we have to face the facts about suicide in this country.

Photos by Melba Christie


on dreaming or not

Someone I do not know asked,
“Don’t you get tired of dreaming?”
I could not respond because I was in the middle of a dream.
You know,
the one that visits me to distract me from all others;
or the one I shared with the peacemakers of the world;
and the one that turned into whipped cream unexpectedly,
or the one that bounces endlessly on the trampoline and makes everyone giggle.
And the one that makes you think about it all the time,
The one that smells as sweet as cinnamon and apples;
Or the one that tells me secrets I do not want to know.
Now I can answer your question.
Are you still there?
Do you ever get tired of breathing?

Melba Christie

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