The poet’s work defined by other poet’s works

“A poet‘s work is to point at frauds” and to to take “a late walk” to observe the sunset. A poet’s work is “A thing of beauty” but can be “A song of despair” when “A dog has died.” A poet’s work can be “A hand mirror” so you can see the truth face to face. A Poet’s work is “Acceptance” that sometimes there is not … Continue reading The poet’s work defined by other poet’s works

Olympic Fever

Five rings commute to the heavens announcing the great meeting of athletes Olympia! Olympia! Nations proud! flags flare and unfurl as champions chant Citius, Altius, Fortius Peaceful exhibition of strength and character Citius, Altius, Fortius Cheers and tears of glory the best of human endeavor celebrated Can we keep the momentum? – Melba Christie Related articles 13 Olympic Facts That Will Blow Your Mind ( Continue reading Olympic Fever

How to write a poem when you are so angry that you would rather not

There should be a rule that says that no one under any circumstances should be allowed to write a poem when angry. Poems should be created when the poet is under the influence of joy and bliss. Anger will taint a poem forever. A poem is not where anger should dwell and be allowed to swell. But poets are human and err like everyone else. Why … Continue reading How to write a poem when you are so angry that you would rather not

A story told

everyone loves a good story one that lifts a spirit generates chuckles produces a heart felt tear inspires hope measures strength in love documents courageous acts stimulates thinking tests commitment challenges bigotry demands justice touches the heart sparks a relationship and just helps us to understand our humanity and purpose I invite to share your story told. Continue reading A story told

Really? Again?

  Really? Again? A thought penetrates a deranged mind, an excellent mind by some standards, The thought becomes obsessive destructive, shackled and imprisoned. No one can fathom the motive or the thinking that journeyed through what was once considered a beautiful mind Really? Again? Where? How? Can we even try to justify an act of cruelty so huge? Really? Planned out carefully? Premeditated? How? How … Continue reading Really? Again?


****************Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! manifest the destiny of our land exhilarate the spirit of democracy celebrate our human rights motivate to raise the bar Allow the fireworks:  to stay in your heart, to remind us we can always do better, as individuals, as a nation  “under God indivisible  with liberty and justice for all. Photos and Poem by Melba Christie all rights reserved Continue reading Fireworks

Check out my new page Shakespeare in the Attic

Take the new Poemattic challenge! This can be a neurobic exercise as described in Keep Your Brain Alive by Lawrence C. Katz. I know what you are going to say. Are you kidding; I do not have time to memorize and recite a sonnet by Shakespeare. Take it from me I have been practicing neurobics and it really makes a difference. So consider this challenge … Continue reading Check out my new page Shakespeare in the Attic