Reasons for Writing a Poem

10 Reasons for Writing a Poem

1. To tell someone how much you care

2. To describe something beautiful

3. To keep a memory alive

4. To instill courage

5. To help someone forget something dreadful

6. To tell it like it is

7. To help yourself figure it all out

8. To inspire

9. To keep your sanity

10. Just because…. 

 by Melba Christie

Photo by Melba Christie




The ecstasy that


our inner light

so that others


as we grow rich

with empathy,

compassion and love. 

All it takes is one selfless

act of kindness

one moment of infinite patience 

when it is totally unexpected.

– Melba Christie



How do you define joy?  What are the top ten things that create joy?







At first sight love is

unpredictable like the

splendor of the sunset;

one never knows how

glorious it could be.

But the uniqueness of that

one instant

when you know that you know

and what it is is

what is meant to be

then that unique one moment

will never cease to be.

-Melba Christie