Be kind and Rewind

Sometimes it is important to rewind to those difficult times in one’s life. A good movie clip may capture our heart for a few moments and remind us to think about the stuff that truly counts. We may find ourselves rewinding to that specific clip because it helps us to cope with or recoup from the stresses in life. I found myself doing just that the other day. I remembered the label on the spine of the old VHS cassettes I had rented from my local Blockbuster store. “Be Kind and Rewind.”

I thought what an interesting philosophy this  if we were to apply to our lives. I thought of how often I need to rewind to the famous movie embedded in my heart and brain since I started watching movies. I very often go back to a book and look for the folded pages or highlighted spots that may help me get some insight on how to resolve an issue. But the rewind mechanism can be a beautiful thing. The thought of first being kind and then rewinding signifies a different thought process. It assumes that we are all capable of being kind. How could one be kind to someone who has just made your life impossible or maybe has even hurt you physically? The truth is that it is very difficult to go back and think about the circumstances that may have led to someone being thoughtless, rude, hurtful, selfish or insulting.

I tried this new idea the other day out of sheer desperation to find a way to cope with a situation that was giving me enormous amounts of stress. I ended up rewinding to a movie clip and tried to visualize the moment when Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith in the movie “Pursuit of Happyness” stops to reflect on what he has just said to his son about playing basketball and how his son might be like his dad just an average player. (click on link to watch.) I viewed this clip in my head and coached myself back to a good place. I told myself this person might think they have put me down but they cannot. I will not empower them that way. I will kill them with kindness and I will be compassionate because I know deep in my soul that they need someone to believe in them too. I felt revived, rejuvenated, and in a very peaceful mindset. Then I started listing those other clips that had given me peace, offered my a little more knowledge of life and or made me a tad wiser. Now I have a repertoire of movie clips to draw from when things are not going as well. Because in the end no one is responsible for your “happyness” and no one should try to rob you of your happiness either.


why does her heart collide

with her own unhappiness?

the signs say slow down please

you have reached

the intersection

of love and friendship.

But she doesn’t know sincere

or trust

only fear of failure

and rejection

no intention

is good enough

she believes that only stuff

like fancy cars and status

and grandiose titles

is the way

to get someone to stay

close enough to really see her soul.





Do you have someone who is DIFICIL?

(c) 2012

To the true seekers of light

 True seeker of the Light

no matter whether it’s night

or day

the path is clear

and here to stay

and in your foresight

to really see

and to Be

you and me

all of us within

the Creator

of all that is Good.

The path is paved

with stardust

and seeds of

new generations.

Take this Path

for it is Right

That leads to the only One

that is the Light,

the Truth.

Unique Destiny

The purpose of a unique destiny

can only be defined

by the free flight of a butterfly

It will lead you to the path

you never knew you had chosen.

Someone had a unique plan for you

and one for me too.

The blueprint is clear

This is why the hummingbird hovers

over all red flowers

This is why you allow the moon to follow you

around on a summer night

This is why poets love the truth

This is why an eagle takes fight

This is why our bodies are pollen

and generations blossom.

This is why I am what I am.

NaBo11_d60_2460a (Photo credit: jerryoldenettel)




My Father-in-Law

Mother-in-laws are often mentioned either for good or for bad

I am very grateful that mine has never made me mad nor sad.

But let me tell you about my in-law father,

he too has been unique.

Juris Doctor has been his lifelong occupation

so in this way he’s my in-law father

but more than my father-in-law

he has been my dad too

whenever I need advice

he listens patiently

and lifts my hopes up high.

That is what dads do,

and this is what he has become to me

and when I need a lawyer,

I’ll always have one for free.

Of course I am just kidding

I love you Don Wil!

Maybe I have not told you this enough

Thanks for always being there for me

and also all in our family.

Today you are T-nueve

as my dear aunt Norma would have said

because she never told her age.

However, it’s O.K. because you are our sage.

We wish we could be with you

on this very special day,

but in the meantime until

we are together with you

May God bless you on your _9th birthday!


Words I love

These are some of the words I truly love:

There’s gorgeous, grandiose, and green

then there’s soothe, silly, and savvy

and of course, omnipotent, and magnanimous

along with mini and mania,

but best of all are verbs

like kiss, kissing, and kissed.

These words I will forever miss.

(c) 2000

Floating Kisses

What are your favorite words?

Living Poetry

I did not like the idea of my daughter getting a tattoo

But I do love trees and I thought of the poem Trees

and so I stole a line from the poem

I cannot remember what I did to make it look like a negative

But I think I made my point

(c) 2009


Haiku #1

Be a host to God

Plant seeds for Love to grow

Lavender fields

                                                                                                                      Poem And Photo By Melba Christie